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Water Spot & Multi-Purpose
Stain Remover

Diamond Dust Break Through!

Water Spot & Stain Remover
An amazing new hard surface cleanser.  An affordable multi-purpose product made with real Diamond Dust and does the work of 24, or more products you may now be using. 

Cleans - Scours - Polishes

Windows, Auto Glass, Shower Doors, Chrome, Brass, Aluminum, Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Tile, Glass Stove Top, Boats, Swimming Pools and Much More!

In our "Gallery Of Restorations" you will see evidence of the tremendous abilities of Diamond Magic®.

For all it's strength, DIAMOND MAGIC® is so safe that it is documented acceptable for use in food preparation areas by its registration with NSF International.

DIAMOND MAGIC® is easy to use and fast or faster than other products that you may be using today. 

Tens of thousands of DIAMOND MAGIC® bottles have been sold around the world.  DIAMOND MAGIC® has dozens of wonderful stain removal applications.  
We are proud to announce that DIAMOND MAGIC® has a 99.9% satisfaction rate.

DIAMOND MAGIC® contains sub-micron diamond dust particles that cleans and polishes all kinds of glass, smooth metals, and porcelain fixtures to a fabulous shine!

Toll Free: (844) 45-MAGIC  or (844) 456-2442

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