Welcome to Diamond Magic® The solution to your cleaning problem

Diamond Magic® is a multi-purpose water spot and stain remover, an amazing hard-surface cleanser.
This is a unique product that’s made with real diamond dust and has many uses. It does the work of 20 or more products which you may now be using!

Welcome to Diamond Magic®

Diamond Magic® is a multi-purpose water spot and stain remover, an amazing hard-surface cleanser.
This is a unique product that’s made with real diamond dust and has many uses. It does the work of 20 or more products which you may now be using!

Diamond Magic® International, Inc

Is Hard Water Bothering You?

Does your tap water have high amounts of dissolved minerals?  Do you live or work near the ocean? We know how coarse water can leave stubborn stains on your windows and windshields, and Diamond Magic® is our tremendous answer to all your stain problems. We serve homeowners, commercial window washers, car wash centers, restaurants, hotels, industrial linen laundry facilities and other commercial establishments in the United States and many other countries.

Diamond Magic® International, Inc

Clean It All!

Diamond Magic® cleans windows, automotive glass, shower doors, chrome fittings, brass components, tiles, porcelain fixtures, bronze, brass, copper, tile, and all surfaces made of aluminum and stainless steel. You can also use it for effective cleaning of your glass stove top, boats, motorcycle, RVs and more!

See It to Believe It

In our gallery of restorations, you will see the evidence of the tremendous abilities of Diamond Magic®. Diamond Magic® is easy to use and faster than all the other products you may be using today. Tens of thousands of Diamond Magic® bottles have been sold around the world, thanks to its dozens of wonderful stain removal applications.

For all its strength, Diamond Magic® is so safe that it is certified acceptable for use in food preparation areas and is registered with NSF International.

Diamond Magic® International, Inc

We are proud to announce that Diamond Magic® has a 99.9% satisfaction rate. The product contains sub-micron diamond dust particles that help it clean and polish all kinds of glass, smooth metals, and porcelain fixtures to a fabulous shine!

We serve homeowners, hotels, restaurants, airports, marinas and commercial cleaners in the United States and many other countries.

See what Diamond Magic can do for you!

For more information, send in your queries at [email protected].

K. Miller (Bridgeview, IL)

Better than the best! I’ve tried several alternatives and found nothing, absolutely nothing, that ultimately works like Diamond Magic, especially for hard water stains on my glass. Boat lovers should take special notice.

Michael Andrew of Michael’s Insights

So I have had these crazy water stains on my car window, I think it came from the neighbors sprinklers and we have very hard water here. Seriously nothing would clean it off and I literally tried everything I could research, all kinds of acids, Bartenders Friend, Aluminum Brightener, etc. When I was at Ace Hardware looking to modify a scrub brush to a drill head (yes I was that serious) the sales clerk mentioned I should try this stuff called Diamond Magic. I kid you not this stuff is FREAKING AMAZING. You still have to scrub (a little bit) but nothing more than it would take to clean your tub. It also works on all kinds of other surfaces. Truly an incredible product!

Paul (St. Petersburg, FL)

Fabulous for glass stovetops and windshields. Because it’s “food” safe, Diamond Magic is great for food prep areas like glass stovetops. It also works really well on windshields, especially the areas that the wipers don’t touch, which tend to get pretty nasty with water staining and environmental buildup.


So, I have two bottles of Diamond Magic. Cleaning a new residential customer today they had brick glass in the shower. The home owner said don’t worry about that, it has soap scum and water deposits, so you can skip it. OPPORTUNITY! I said for $10 more I will clean up the deposits on the brick glass. Go the go ahead. Went to the van for my new bottle of Diamond Magic…. and commenced to scrubbing. Wiped it off with soapy water on a towel and dry toweled – hmm, didn’t get it all. Gave it another scrubbing and dang that brick glass SPARKLED.

J. Parker (Florida)

I discovered Diamond Magic in 2006 when sailing through Hawaii. We've now circumnavigated the world's oceans and are back on the East Coast overhauling the boat. Diamond Magic has been instrumental in cleaning all the stainless aboard. It cuts rust and polishes like nothing else. Just requires wax afterward to maintain the shine. Great product. Glad to see it's available in the lower 48!

L. Lee (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I use DIAMOND MAGIC on my mirrors, glass cooktop, table chrome legs, appliances, and more. It just works like Magic. Nothing else I have tried works as well. It is so easy to apply. Actually, makes cleaning fun! Thanks for creating this truly amazing product. I recommend it? highly.

B. Robin (Honolulu, Hawaii)

My car had been left parked outside for 5 months and the windshield had a film of water spots that no amount of scrubbing would remove even when I used several other water spot removers. It was so bad that I was about to replace the windshield when I came across a Diamond Magic display at All Pool & Spa. After having tried others without success I was skeptical but the tag had an endorsement by Mike Buck so I bought it. WOW! It worked! It took less than 30 minutes to restore the windshield to like new condition with nothing more than a few paper towels and water. Mahalo for a truly useful product.

D. Thomas (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)

Very interested in you product....i recently tried it on my windshield I was blown away I have asked people if they ever seen your product...no one has...I believe i could sell this product everywhere and anywhere .....would like to know what it would take to be a distributor???Can I buy you product at bulk rate ???get the whole sale price???I have never tried to sell any product before but this really excites me and i believe It will sell itself...could you e-mail me a break down what is retail on this product... aloha and mahalo.

W. Ferreira

I wish I had taken pictures of my tub before so people could fully appreciate how great Diamond Magic really is. The tub has been a nagging pain for me since we bought the house 3 years ago. Every time I looked at it I felt frustrated and at wits end. I'm so ecstatic that I tried ONE MORE PRODUCT before giving in and replacing the tub! The thanks goes to you.

B.K. (Hawaii Kai)

Because of your Diamond Magic product, I am making a living cleaning windows, glass shower stalls, and bathroom porcelain.

B.B. (Omaha)

I found Diamond Magic at a home show, it does everything you state on the label, and my old ceramic tile appears new

K.P. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I have hunted for water stain cleaning products for years, but none worked well. Diamond Magic is wonderful, it goes beyond water stains, stubborn stains in my bathtub vanished, and faucets are like mirrors, my windows are absolutely clear again.

Moria C (Kamuela, Hawaii)

Aloha, I have tried everything to get rid of the unsightly water spots on my Corolla. The spots were so bad that I’d contemplated selling it! One day the clouds opened up and angels sang....I found Diamond Magic at the Kamuela Ace Hardware. The car windows look brand new. Mahalo for this amazing product. A lifetime fan